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I help startups and agencies improve the effectiveness of their marketing strategies with the best softwares (and data they already have).

So many marketing tools, so many opportunities.

In April 2020, there were more than 8,000 different marketing softwares across all categories. In one year, 1,600 new tools were identified, almost as many as the entire ecosystem in… 2015! In the Marketing Automation and CRM categories, there are more than 600 tools. It’s less daunting but still very complicated for a marketing manager to follow.

Number of marketing tools identified each year by

Available on a SaaS model, they are highly specialized but more accessible than ever. Finding its way in this ocean of tools is difficult, but for companies that know how to combine these solutions, the possibilities are endless and the potential for growth is enormous. Not taking advantage of these tools means running the risk of being left behind by competitors because your marketing is less targeted, less relevant, and your teams waste time on low value-added tasks.

This explosion in the number of marketing tools on the market has led to the emergence of a profession: the marketing technologist. Someone at the crossroads of marketing and IT. A software and data expert who enables companies to make better use of technology to improve the effectiveness of their marketing and sales actions.

Sometimes called “marketing ops”, this profession is still rare, often internalized and does not exist in the dictionary. And yes, it’s my job.

A technical marketer.

My name is Robin Laverdet. I’m that guy who eats API docs for breakfast, enjoys creating complex automated sequences in marketing automation platforms, and likes talking to a developer as much as to a marketing strategist.

Passionate about automation and data, I keep up to date with the latest trends in this ever-changing software world, and I share my insights in a dedicated newsletter (in French).

Every day, I help startups and agencies get the best out of technology and data, and I really love it!

Always ready to listen, Robin understands your business, builds trust and provides valuable strategic advice. His contribution goes far beyond simply recommending tools.

Michaël Lanzanova – Marketing Manager, Tommy’s Diner Group

Your on-demand marketing geek.

I bring you all my technical skills to make you the hero of your marketing team.

Enhance your marketing strategy with the best tools available.

I work with you to improve your marketing strategy, by incorporating all the advantages that technology can bring you, and by making the most of your customer data. If you are in inbound, lead nurturing, lifecycle marketing, I will certainly have a lot to share with you.

Optimize your marketing stack.

A smart strategy is a good thing. Having the tools to implement it is much better. I roll up my sleeves to clean up your data, connect your tools, automate processes, implement new sequences… I turn your ideas into actionable tactics.
Or I can simply take a look at your stack and share with you what I notice, what could be improved, or where you could save money.

Make the right choice for your next solution.

I put on my project manager’s hat and guide you from A to Z in your CRM or Marketing Automation tool remplacement project. I use a proven methodology, I save you time and I reduce the risk of making the wrong decision.

Outsource the management of your tools (and your campaigns).

Whether you need a short-term help or to outsource these tasks over time, I can manage your stack and your email campaigns for you. I am very familiar with six of the most popular tools on the market (ActiveCampaign, Autopilot, Hubspot, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Pipedrive), and if you use one of them, I will be happy to be an extension of your team.

I'm not on my trial run.

I have been working with marketing softwares since 2016. Here are some of the companies I’ve helped.

Being supported by Robin is the guarantee that no detail will be left to chance. Curious about everything related to martech, methodical and rigorous, he knows how to ask the right questions and do what it takes to bring relevant and documented answers.

Julie d’Antin – Head of Marketing, Elements Apps

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