Increase your customer loyalty, reduce your churn, make money.

You work hard to attract new customers.
I help you turn them into recurring customers and keep them as long as possible.

You work so hard to bring visitors on your website.

You hired a SEO consultant to optimize your website, your content and your links. You pay an agency to manage your ad campaigns on Google and Facebook. You’re doing a lot of content marketing efforts, writing blog posts, creating infographics and videos, posting on your social medias.

You’re going the extra mile but it pays off: you have tons of visitors on your website, and new leads and customers land in your database every day.

But what’s next?

Are you happy with your conversion rates? Do you convert enough leads into customers? Enough free users into paying users? Enough first-time customers into repeat buyers? And what about your churn rate?

If you think you can do better with these KPIs, I’m here to help you.

My name is Robin Laverdet
and I'm a lifecycle marketing consultant.

Thanks to 10+ years of broad marketing experience, advanced knowledge in martech and customer experience, and a specialization in lifecycle marketing, I can help you turn your new customers into recurring customers, and keep them as long as possible.

How? By creating and implementing workflows that automatically send messages to your customers at each moment of truth in their lifecycle.

I can help you tackle four kinds of challenges:

1. Convert

Turn your leads into customers. Or your free users into paying users. Or your email addresses into purchases. I design and improve your sales funnels, so your conversion rate skyrockets.

2. Activate

Turn your new users from « barely interested » to « avid fans ». I redesign your onboarding sequences by removing every road block and solving every customer concern. So they can engage with your product and actually use it.

3. Retain

Keep your customers longer, make them purchase more frequently, increase your customer LTV. I rely on a detailed customer journey and I use your customer data to act on every moment of truth. So your churn rate melts away.

4. Recover

Get your churning customers back, whether they haven’t purchased for a long time or they are likely to go away. Thanks to the data they drop along their visits, I take action before those customers that are so hard to win… are definitely lost.

Whatever the challenge you’re facing, you can’t take it up without the right tools. Before moving into action, I also help you build a stack powerful enough to reach your goals.

I’m doing that either by optimizing your existing tools or by choosing a new marketing automation platform that fits your needs. Then, as a seasoned geek, I help you connect your different tools so you can use all the customer data you already have, and walk towards a top-notch customer experience 🥇

Lorsqu’il s’agit de CRM, Robin sait de quoi il parle et il nous a parfaitement accompagné lors de notre changement de plateforme.

Julien Maquaire, directeur marketing, Planet Cards

How I can help

You’re facing one of the challenges mentioned above?

Let’s strategize!

I can help you tackle this challenge by conducting a deep analysis of your current strategy, your workflows, your customer data and everything that sits around this lifecycle marketing topic. This audit allows me to make a diagnosis and to recommend a treatment: most of the time, I pitch you one or several message sequences that should solve your problem. At the end, I can help you with the workflow implementation, on my own or in collaboration with your team.

You want to replace your marketing automation tool?

Let’s Technologize!

I can help you along the three steps of this change, depending on what you need. First, we define the requirements of your future tool by analyzing your needs. This leads to the creation of an exhaustive requirement grid. The, we select several vendors and we evaluate each one of them against our grid. Finally, we implement the chosen platform and I can help you with data migration, campaigns & workflows migration, integrations, etc.

You just need some help for a specific thing?

Rent my brain (and fingers)!

Whether you want an external point of view on your lifecycle marketing strategy, or to have some help with your current tool, or to optimize your current stack, or to get trained about these topics, or something else I can’t think of, we can scope a custom project together so I can help you on your specific question.

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