My first introduction to marketing dates back to September 2007. On a classroom bench at the IUT of Limoges (France), I attended my first lecture on the subject and I immediately fell in love with this “common sense” discipline.

From Limoges to Toulouse (France) via Edinburgh (UK), five years of higher education, three different approaches to teaching, a lot of knowledge more or less acquired, and quite a few difficult Friday mornings.

IUT de Limoges


Edinburgh Napier University


IAE de Toulouse


In 2012, at the end of my second year of master, I was closed to joining Michel & Augustin when I finally chose to take my first steps in digital marketing. Something attracted me to this world.



I joined a 2-month-old startup called MyFeelBack for a crazy start. I quickly realized that what I learned for 5 years at the university was not going to be a big help here. For 6 months, I collaborated with the marketing manager and co-founder. I discovered SEO and the importance of content, SEM, social media, lead generation through free offers… I used my skills in Photoshop to suggest UI improvements of the platform and I also failed in an attempt to create an online community. A very formative experience and the beginning of a long adventure with digital marketing.

2013 → 2014


At the end of this 6-month internship, my entrepreneurial desires pushed me to enter the freelancing world.

I deepened my knowledge of SEO and SEM, and I learned how to build websites with WordPress. This was my main activity for more than 2 years. I stopped this activity in December 2014 to jump on a new adventure in Quebec, after having built 30 small showcases or e-commerce websites.

I also had the chance to collaborate with several renowned agencies on the creation of larger websites, and to take care of all the marketing activities of a dating website. Another very formative experience, both for the creation and development of its own business and for the digital marketing skills I gathered.

2015 → 2016


I joined Adviso one month after landing in Montreal, and stayed there for 3.5 years, until two weeks before I moved back to France. Call it loyalty.

During the first half of this amazing experience, I’ve been a coordinator then a project manager for this Quebec leading digital marketing agency. I managed more than 100 projects for about 50 clients including notorious Quebec companies (IGA, Uniprix, Camso, Just for Laughs, Structube, Radio-Canada, Soprema, Aubainerie, La Parisienne…), and made sure our 60 specialists all played the same game.

The beginnings have been tough because the step was high compared to what I did before, but the learnings have been enormous, especially from a strategic point of view. At the end of this experience, I understood clearly the relationships between different components of digital marketing, and how they can combine to achieve the same goal.

I’ve been awarded “Rookie of the year” by my peers in 2015.

2017 → 2018

An eye-opener

After more than a year and a half in the project management team, I began a transition to the customer experience team: it was the opportunity to move from a general marketer to a specialized marketer, to acquire deep knowledge in an area I was already passionate about: marketing technologies.

I jump head first into marketing automation and everything that revolves around this lovely word: tool selection, marketing stack design, implementation & integration, data wrangling, etc … I’m also involved on strategic projects, doing customer research (personas, customer journeys) and building CRM strategies. I also orchestrated email marketing campaigns.

In total, I have been involved in about 30 projects, for medium-sized companies and for bigger organizations such as the National Bank, Yokohama, TC Transcontinental, La Cordée, Montreal Impact and Tremblant’s 24h. A lot of projects during which I worked with a lot of colleagues, who gave me the “Best team player” award in 2017.

This is clearly the most rewarding experience I’ve had so far, surrounded by real marketing geeks and an inspiring mentor. I can’t list everything I learned during this experience, but if I had to keep one, it would be the passion. Before Adviso, marketing was just an area in which I fell by accident after high school; after Adviso, I could talk about it for a whole evening without stopping, simply because I understood that we can do good marketing, that helps people. And that makes a big difference in the way I approach my job.

2019 → 2020


At the end of 2018, tired of the cold Quebec winters, I went back to France and began a new entrepreneurial adventure. With my agency experience, very oriented towards lifecycle marketing and marketing systems, I became an independent consultant specialized in CRM and Marketing Automation software.

I combined my skills in marketing, project management and technology to help startups and agencies improve the effectiveness of their marketing strategies with the best tools (and data they already have).

In two years, I’ve worked with a dozen of clients, from small tech startup to large ecommerce website, SaaS software editor and a restaurant chain. I have detailed my most outstanding collaborations on this page.

At the beginning of 2021, I put this activity on hold to become the first CRM manager of a green energy provider named ilek.