Tommy's Diner

Increase customer loyalty

Tommy’s Diner is a company with 10 American-inspired restaurants (the famous “diner” of the 1950s-60s) throughout France. I am currently helping Patrick, founder, and Michaël to build loyalty among existing customers by increasing the frequency of their restaurant visits.

Elements (Valiantys)

Get a new marketing automation platform

Elements, a subsidiary of Valiantys (IT company), is a software development company. I am currently helping Julie, marketing director, to select a new marketing automation platform. I draw up a detailed list of needs, suggest several possible directions for their marketing stack, and then help the company evaluate and select the most appropriate tool.


Improve the lifecycle marketing strategy

ilek is a French provider of green electricity and bio gas. In 2020, I helped Rémy, co-founder in charge of marketing, to take up several major challenges: convert more leads into customers and reduce churn. To achieve this, I worked with Guillaume on optimizing their marketing stack, and I reviewed all of the automated emails sent by the company, both in terms of strategy and content.

Planet Cards

Replace the CRM system

Planet Cards is a European leader in personalized cards: announcements, thank you cards, invitations, etc… In 2019, I helped Julien and his team to change their CRM tool. I helped them to define their needs, created an evaluation grid and wrote the RFP document. Then I took part in the evaluation of different suppliers and in the selection of one of them, Emarsys.

Liberty Rider

Retain and win back

Liberty Rider is a small business developing a mobile app for bikers: accident detection, route tracking, GPS made for bikers… the features are multiple. In 2019, I helped Julien, the CMO, to design messages announcing to users a major change in the business model, with the goal of keeping users engaged. Objective met! I also designed a reactivation campaign to bring back users who had been inactive for more than a year: at the end, 5% of the targeted users became active users again.


Turn leads into paying customers

BitConseil is a small business specialized in training on crypto-currencies. In 2019, I helped Romain and Morgan, co-founders of the company, to market a new online training; I designed a sales funnel (conversion strategy) then wrote the sales page copy and the sales email copy.


Maestro Improve the marketing stack

Maestro is a small business specialized in concert ticketing, publishing the Hey Alex (media) and Live Booker (ticket pre-sales) websites. In 2018, I helped Hugo, marketing director, and Pierre to optimize their marketing ecosystem by analyzing tools (CDPs such as Segment and Hull) that could bring significant gains in terms of personalization and automation. Unfortunately, no implementation could take place at the end of this analysis phase due to internal constraints.

Montreal Impact

Improve the customer data quality

The Montreal Impact is a football club playing in the North American championship, the MLS. In 2018, while I was working at Adviso, I helped its marketing team leverage its huge customer database to build a segmented and customized CRM strategy to increase attendance at its stadium. I left Adviso and Montreal before this strategy was clearly defined (and thus didn’t get the chance to implement it and see it at work).

TC Transcontinental

Improve the marketing stack

TC Transcontinental is a major Canadian group specialized in industrial printing (newspapers, packaging, etc.). In 2017-18, while I was working at Adviso where our team was setting up the group’s new website, I helped one of its marketing managers deploy several marketing tools (Typeform and ActiveCampaign) to collect requests for quotes and automate the next steps in the response process.


Recover sleeping customers

Yokohama is a multinational company specialized in tires. In 2017-18, while I was working at Adviso, I helped its Canadian division implement a CRM strategy to reactivate its customer base and increase the frequency of the brand’s tire purchases during bi-annual tire changes. The campaigns that followed, deployed via the ActiveCampaign platform, produced very positive results.


Prove the benefits of marketing automation

Michelin is a multinational company that doesn’t really need to be presented anymore 😉 In 2016, while I was working at Adviso, I helped its Quebec subsidiary Camso, specialized in off-road tires, and its digital marketing director, Marc-Antoine, to perform a proof of concept of marketing automation. Starting from a very specific need with their dealers, we used a light and quick to implement tool (ActiveCampaign) to demonstrate the relevance of this kind of tool to improve marketing effectiveness.